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Sports book scene: “We’ll Watch Big Game” At Upscale Super Bowl Party

There’s lots of ways to enjoy the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. In fact, it generally rivals the host city for being the place where the most people come to celebrate the last Sunday in January.

We’ve already done the proletariat thing in a jammed sports book. We’ve also attended a low roller shindig among a boisterous, fun crowd with so-so food. Once, we watched in the solitude of our own hotel room, because we were too green to realize the need to stake out a seat in a sports book early, or be out of luck.

This year, however, we are stepping up in class. We have wangled an invite to a high roller gala. And not just any gala. We’ll be at the Desert Inn, easily one of the primo Strip properties in terms of class, luxury and ambience.

Through one of our good buds who is regularly comped at the finest hotels in town, we will be viewing the Rams and Titans in surroundings to which we could easily become accustomed. Big screens, quality food and drink, and good company. Now if we can just nail the winner and a few prop bets.

As a frequent visitor to the D.I. buffet, we can vouch for the quality of cuisine served at the hotel. It is our intention to fast for 24 hours prior to the game in order to do justice to the victuals put out by the D.I.

However, our better half suggested that pigging out on jumbo shrimp might embarrass our friend. She also warned that stuffing desserts into our pockets is bad form.

So, we’ll behave, enjoy the Super Bowl, and give a post game report on how the D.I. lavishes freebies on guys who bet black chips.

Players Guide Contest Winners. In the annual magazine we publish, Players Guide to Las Vegas Sports Books, we run a survey, which is also a contest entry.

As an incentive to fill out the survey, we award a free $500 bet on the Super Bowl to one local and one tourist. The names are pulled out of a box containing all the entries.

This year’s winners are:
* From Las Vegas, Claude Martin, a surveillance professional at the Luxor. A savvy gambler and sports bettor, Claude is on the Rams –6½.
* The visitor whose name was drawn is Craig Rizzi, a probation officer from California. Craig is a serious player who shops lines assiduously when he comes to Vegas. He took the Titans +6½.

Players Guide used a line of 6½, 48½, in order not to have a push.

Dog Money Shows. The 72 hours immediately preceding Super Bowl kickoff is when the money really starts showing. This year’s matchup is getting good two-way action as St. Louis –7 seems to be a solid number.

More sophisticated players tend to look at the money line. Chalk players with deep pockets bet a lot to win a little, and vice versa.

Carib Sports Book ( marketing manager Butch, in town for the Super Bowl, told us Carib has booked a $50,000 bet at +200 on Tennessee. “I know that’s not the best number,” he noted. “There are +210s and +215s out there.

“I guess the reason that player put in his bet with us is confidence in getting paid,” observed Butch. “You play, we pay,” he stated.

Jimmy’s Pick. Sitting on the Rams at –3½ with a sizeable futures play, Jimmy Vaccaro had not decided whether to middle the game Thursday night when we did our radio show, The Winning Line.

However, he stated that if he were betting the game at the current line, he would lay the 7 points.

Jimmy covers a variety of issues on the show, including the prospects of legislation that would outlaw legal betting on college sports. | January 28th, 2000

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