Super Bowl 2022 odds: Is betting on a safety in the Big Game profitable?

The length of the national anthem and the outcome of the coin toss are decided before the Big Game starts.

The rush of winning bets early and often leads to other bets like the first touchdown scorer and what the first score will be. Every bet is available for people who want to cash in on the early excitement of the Super Bowl. If the first score of the Super Bowl was a safety, the quick-payoff bettors would cash in.
Jacob Blangsted-Barnor, FOX Bet commercial manager, remembers seeing many 200-1 bets for a safety on the first play. There is more action on safeties in the big game as a result of that play.

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Super Bowl LVI.

The Los Angeles Rams are playing the Cincinnati Bengals. Sunday, NBC.

The Rams are favored to win by more than 4.5 points.
The Rams are the favorites to win with a total of $18.32 wagered.
Both teams scored over/under 48.6 points.

The most memorable 2-points in Big Games have been the safety in the Super Bowl. In the history of the Super Bowl, there have been nine safeties, meaning a safety has been scored in 16.3% of the games. Is throwing down a couple of bucks on a safety on Sunday worth it?

The teams that recorded a safety in the Super Bowl are 6-3 straight up and 8-1 against the spread. The over/under went 6-3 in those games.

A safety was the first score in three Super Bowls, but there hasn’t been one in the third quarter. The odds of a safety being the first score of the Super Bowl are 5000.

The odds of a safety happening in the Super Bowl are -2000 and the odds of a safety not happening are -2000, according to Jeff Stoneback, Director of Trading for BetMGM.

The safeties that were scored in Super Bowls are shown.

The Super Bowl was held in 2013).

On Denver’s first play from scrimmage, center Ramirez snapped the ball as Manning called an audible. Manning moved forward so his linemen could hear the audible noise of the crowd noise as the football passed him.

The fastest score in Super Bowl history was set by Knowshon Moreno, who fell on a loose ball in the end zone for a safety 12 seconds into the game. The win was 43-8 by the Seahawks.

The safety line was scored by the team.
Over/under is 47.5.

The 2012 season of the Super Bowl.

The Baltimore Ravens took a safety with four seconds remaining against the San Francisco 49ers.

Sam Koch ran out of bounds for a safety after killing eight seconds after the snap as Baltimore held a five-point lead. The 49ers couldn’t score again as the Ravens won 34-31.

The 49ers were covered by the safety line.
Over/under: 48.

The Super Bowl was played in 2011.

Tom Brady was called for intentional grounding in the first quarter when he threw a pass in his own end zone, but no New England receiver was in the area.

It was the first score of the Super Bowl.

The New York Giants beat the New York Jets.

The Giants won the safety line.
Over/under is 53.

The 2008 Super Bowl season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were pinned at their own 1-yard line by a 34-yard punt by Ben Graham of the Arizona Cardinals.

On third down and 10, Ben Roethlisberger completed a 20-yard pass but center Justin Hartwig was called for holding in the end zone, giving the Cards a safety and cutting their deficit to 20-16 with 3:04 to play.

The game was 27-23 in favor of the Steelers.

The safety line was scored by the team.
Over/under: 46.

Super Bowl XXV was played in 1990.

Bruce Smith sacked Jeff Hostetler for a safety in the second quarter and the Buffalo Bills led by 12.

The Giants won 20-19.

The Bills were covered by the safety line.
Over/under is 40.5

Super Bowl XII, 1986 season.

George Martin sacked John Elway in the end zone with 2:46 remaining in the second quarter to give the Giants a 2-0 lead.

The Giants scored 26 unanswered points after the safety cut Denver’s lead to 10-9.

The Giants were covered by the team’s safety line.
40 is over.

Super Bowl XX was held in 1985.

The Chicago Bears’ “46” defense dominated the 1985 season in general and the Super Bowl XX in particular.

Henry Waechter sacked Steve Grogan for a 5-yard loss and a safety with 5:42 remaining in the Bears’ 46-10) victory.

The Bears were covered by the safety line.
Over/under: 40.

The Super Bowl X season was in 1975.

Reggie Harrison, a running back on the punt return team, blocked a punt by the Dallas Cowboys.

The safety came after the ball went through the end zone.

That started a 14-0 scoring spurt for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who went on to win their second Super Bowl title.
The team scored a safety line.
36 is over.

The Super Bowl IX season was in 1974.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won their first Super Bowl with a victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

The only points in the first half of the Super Bowl were a safety and a Fran Tarkenton lost a ball in the end zone.
The safety line was scored by the team.
33 (under) is over/under.

You can see that safeties have occurred more in Super Bowls than you might think. History says that favorites and the over hit more often than not when there is a safety. It’s just food for thought.

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