Sports Book Scene May 11th 2000

Bookies Barbecue in Costa Rica, offshore TV commercials and more

Chilling After Getting Crushed

It may be a cliché, but it’s true:  some days you eat the bulldog, some days the bulldog eats you.

Many players are used to being road kill, but every once in a while, they rise up and thump their oppressor.

When bookmakers have a tough day at the office, they just kick back like the rest of us with a few brews and a barbecue.

That’s how we spent last Sunday.  Hanging with some top off shore BMs, whose names we’ll omit at their request.  But we can report that they were not the happiest of campers.

That day, not only did a slew of favorites cover, but an NBA game got many of the books sided and middled.

The New York-Miami game saw the four-point favorite Knicks win 87-83.  At many shops, the O/U went off at 170.

That game alone cost the books we were with anywhere from $6,000 to $200,000.

But after a few expletives deleted, they just shrugged it off and feasted on steaks, chicken and a mountain of other cookout grub, accompanied by free-flowing booze and beer.

The three dime a month, three-bedroom estate where a few of them live was most comfy, to say the least.

Of course, when bookies lose, they do have deeper pockets than most, but not all of us.  They also realize that in the long run, they do get us.

One bet baron put it thus:  “We can’t win all the time.  So we give the players a taste of candy.  Then we take it away.”

After that, we were hard pressed to show any sympathy for this sad tale.

A BM told of losing a 10-team parlay to a woman bettor.  This was when he booked in the States.

When he met to pay off a hefty sum, he asked for her handicapping system.  She replied that in choosing between two teams, she just bets the city in which she’d rather live.

Of course, all the sports books we deal with today are sanctioned businesses, operating legally in their various jurisdictions.

Shooting a TV Commercial in Curacao.  As production of our TV show Inside Sports Gaming 2000 proceeds on schedule, we have moved on to Curacao from Costa Rica.  This beautiful tropical isle houses a growing number of well-regarded off shore books.

We will be shooting a programming segment with Pinnacle Sports ( today.

Yesterday we put together a two-minute spot for an up-and-coming book called A Bookie Joint (  It will include a spectacular opening shot from a low-flying helicopter, and some innovative digital graphics that will display a virtual bookmaker.  We believe no viewer will hit the remote when A Bookie Joint’s mini-segment is aired.

The show will be seen nationwide over a network of indy stations in most major markets during August and September.

When the schedule is finalized, it will be heavily promoted in venues available to sports bettors.

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