Sports and Gaming News Part 5

Basketball betting tools, some NFL handicapping and more in this weekly must read.

Attention Senator Kyl! Ameritrade’s television ads offer twenty free trades with a mere $500 minimum deposit required. The brokerage’s effort to attract low budget active traders who make internet sports bettors look conservative in comparison. Kudos to Jerry Stackhouse, who earned his degree at North Carolina after leaving college early for the NBA. If someone made me a multimillionaire midway through college I can’t say I would have done the same.

The NCAA’s knee-jerk anti-gambling stance seems to fly in the face of some of the sponsors that colleges attract. On Georgia Tech basketball radio broadcasts a high profile sponsor is the Georgia Lottery. Anyone else notice that “over” in the first half went 13-2 in the NFL last weekend? The Thursday and Sunday Night games were the only unders that first half bettors cashed.

An outstanding reference tool for the basketball handicapper is Marc Lawrence’s Playbook Trend and Log Book. This book contains comprehensive four year logs for all college and NBA teams as well as this season’s schedule for each club that can be updated with results as they occur. Amazingly, there is nary a speck of advertising and no filler in the 246 pages between the covers. You can order it by calling 800.PLAYBOOK.

Never thought the day would dawn that would see a 3-9 Atlanta Falcon club favored at San Francisco. Offshore Alert: beware the spammers who email you sports book solicitations with knockoff names trying to ride the reputations of established sports books. I got eight copies of spam email from an outfit called “Tele Sports” that featured an 800 number but no mention of their location. This one has scam written all over it.

Prime bulletin board material for Wisconsin appeared as a quote in the San Francisco Chronicle by Kent Bauer, who coordinates Stanford’s pathetic D. Speaking of the Big Ten, Bauer offered up this meatball, “The quarterback is not as big a factor there. Everyone in the Big Ten runs the ball. They’re good run blockers. There is not as much skill talent as in the Pac Ten.” If the offensive talent in the Pac Ten is so superior, why did Stanford’s three non-conference foes hang more points on the board than anyone in the Pac Ten? Texas scored 69, San Jose State 44, and Notre Dame notched 37 points against Stanford.

Notice ABC/ESPN’s bowl “news” includes the sponsors’ names in coverage..on bowls being telecast on ABC or ESPN. Bowls being telecast on other networks are not “covered” with the same courtesy being granted the sponsors. On Saturday ABC’s broadcaster Brent Musburger referred to the “inaugural” EASports Las Vegas Bowl. As both the Silver Bowl and the Las Vegas Bowl, the season’s earliest bowl game has been around for the better part of the decade. But to the shameless self promoters at ABC/ESPN a new title sponsor makes a game “inaugural” I guess.

We’re in combo football-hoops mode and are offering basketball selections at 770.618. throughout the week. We don’t shout at you and try to get you to call a 900 number, rather the Hotline is a chance for you to learn and hone your skills. Be sure to call 770.618.for updated information. The Hotline is a 24-hour free service.

Fitting with a pattern we’ve been successful with in this column, consider using the Jets-Miami under 37 on Sunday. Proud defensive coaching staffs will be cracking the whip this week after the Dolphins gave up 37 and the Jets gave up 41 in their respective losses last week. Second meeting between divisional rivals who know each other well can often be good under plays. Bounce back time for defenses while the offenses will play more conservatively than they did last week while in catch up mode. Swirling winds in the late afternoon Meadowlands cold enhances our under look.

Good luck and be careful. | December 9th, 1999

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