Short Term Lies

The deceiving effects of short term wins and losses

Graph shows our progress from July 1st through July 31st, using 100 as a betting unit on all bets. The bottom line in the graph shows daily wins and losses. The top line shows the month-to-date profit. (Subscribers to our newsletter should have done considerably better due to the ability to shop for better lines than we must use in our newsletter.) Gross profit for the month was 16.3 units, which falls well within our historically “normal” range. If one began by using 2 percent of his beginning bankroll per bet, and did not change the size of his bet, his bankroll would have increased by 32.6% in July. Figures are taken from our website page, | August 10th, 1999

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JR is author of the sports betting classic – ‘How Professional Gambler’s Beat the Pro Football Pointspread”. He’s also the greatest all around handicapper we’ve ever seen.

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