Plastic Surgery

We get a much needed facelift.

The original intention at The Daily Spread was to empower the sports bettor, not cannibalize its pages with banners from offshore sports books.

Empowering the sports bettor, for us at least, turned out to be an 80-hour a week job. The bad news is that 80 hours a week wasn’t enough, and as the years dragged by, things got more and more out of control.

Recently I was drudging through all of our content and was amazed at how much quality stuff we’ve presented the sports bettor over the years. The problem was, no one could find it because everything here was so disorganized and chaotic. Navigating our pages was a chore, and one always got the feeling that everything was out of sync.

I was too busy traveling the world, playing poker, betting sports and getting my heart broken from the sundry women that crossed my path to make The Daily Spread special.

In the beginning, we were relatively unique. As time wore on, though, all the web sites on the Internet that started out as pay services ended up abandoning that model and copying ours. Guys like The Prescription, Phoenix Sports and others have been forever. When charging for their picks wasn’t working out many adopted the “Content Model” and started presenting sports betting articles and ‘”free picks galore” a la The Daily Spread.

Of course, we were basically cloning Vegas Insider (without the treachery), so its kind of hard to cry about a bunch of copycat, “thinking in the box” specialists that couldn’t outthink Mike Tyson on their best day.

The end result was really ugly: We all look the same.

You can go anywhere and read Jerry Runner, Buzz Daly and Kevin O’Neill. This isn’t necessarily a knock on these guys – but still, its good to be different. Its nice to have something unique to offer the surfer.

So while I played cards, chased women (as well as deadbeat bookmakers that didn’t want to pay) and tried to beat the NBA – some very special things happened around the Internet.

Bettorsworld became the best resource on the Internet for sports betting. Actually, what happened was they got mentioned in a couple of high brow publications and attracted some sharp people to their posting forums. The end result was that the  there are the best for online sports betting discussion. Its not even close.

Taking a lesson from the ‘great artists that steal’ department, I re-designed the web site with aesthetics and ease of navigation in mind. Who better to copy than the most heavily trafficked and ?

Maybe they’ll sue and make us famous.

In an effort to re-dedicate our selves to the original game plan (empowering the sports bettor), we decided to correct some of our mistakes.

Occasionally, something would happen in our posting forums. Mostly, though, we get over 2000 different visitors a day and our posting forums are emptier than the unfortunate soul that just bet his life savings on a Vegas Insider pick pack. In keeping congruent with the rest of the decisions I’ve made in life, I did the truly idiotic thing and transformed the site into an interactive community. Well, its an interactive community waiting to happen, actually:

You can post comments or recommend links on any thing we publish and have them appended to the end of the article.

You can dart over to our section and probe the brains of our self appointed experts.

I don’t believe our readers are illiterate, dead-beat free pick junkies looking for a free ride. I believe you guys are smarter than the average sports bettor.

I beg you to prove me right by taking part in the discussions, asking questions, telling us how stupid we are, or whatever else is on your mind.

Just like me in real life, the new Daily Spread is 65% finished, and full of unrealized promise and potentiality. This time, though, the users get to help make it special. I’d like to see it become a great resource for someone attempting to find an honest opinion or guidance in handicapping decisions.

This is what’s different, and what’s in the process of completion:

· It should now be easier see all of our older articles. Some classic, must read pearls of wisdom were buried on the old site. I had forgotten about many of them, and re-reading them was a pleasure. The process of re-posting the vintage stuff has started. The end result will be over 200 pages of timeless sports betting knowledge. Our goal is to have it all online sometime between now and Armageddon.

· There is aery different from anything you’ve probably ever seen before. We collect headlines every 15 minutes from over 110 newspaper, broadcast and online sources. It’s a new junkies dream come true.

· Daily updates of  from around the Internet.

If you know someone that needs asend them our way. | September 29th, 1999

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