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everyone on the edge of their seats awaiting that first Atlanta/Nashville game? Can’t wait to catch Calgary playing the Islanders? Does the prospect of seeing Carolina face-off against Vancouver make you shiver in anticipation? No? Well, look at the bright side: next year Columbus and Minnesota join the NHL, an insomniacs delight! As if the NHL didn’t leave a bad taste in hockey fans mouths with the ‘phantom goal’, now, in the League’s finite wisdom, two whole pages have been inserted into the rule book, explaining the new regular season overtime rules. Terrific. As if the NHL wasn’t confused enough. These are the same clowns who put in new rules last year to increase scoring. Well, you heard it here first, from the only writer in North America who predicted that scoring would not increase last year: not only will there be more games ending tied this year, but scoring will decrease too!

Team Previews: Odds Courtesy Of Frontier Sports Book In Las Vegas

99/00 Season Preview by Bobby Bryde 09/26/99 Atlanta: 300/1 Will they have one 20 goal scorer? Nope. Anaheim: 30/1 Tverdovsky was a steal but Hartsburg MUST separate Kariya and Selanne . Boston: 18/1 Tallas and Grahame? Forget it. Buffalo: 12/1 Afinogenov (love his number) is best Sabres skater since Mogilny. Calgary: 75/1 Fuhr sure will look funny in Flames jersey; baby Bure should excite. Carolina: 45/1 Watching the Hurricanes is like being attacked by ‘The Z Monster’. zzzzzzz… Chicago: 60/1 Zhamnov, Amonte, and, uh, Olczyk? Okay, we’ll give them a playoff spot. Colorado: 7/1 Patrick Roy seems more interested in catching Sawchuck. Dallas: 5/1 If Modano and Nieuwendyk are healthy for playoffs, Stars are faves to repeat. Detroit: 4/1 Odds shrink if they steal Primeau. Edmonton: 50/1 Salo better have what it takes because Ranford is finished. Florida: 30/1 Tandem of Burke and Kidd scare anyone? Los Angeles: 50/1 Robitaille, Pallfy, and Stumpel suddenly become the line. Montreal: 50/1 No Brisebois; no Malakhov; and no 30 goal scorer = no shot. Nashville: 150/1 Good ‘D’; No ‘O’. New Jersey: 8/1 Defense still slow and Brodeur must bounce back from so-so year. NY Islanders: 200/1 Goring is going to wish the Isles still had Salo. NY Rangers: 15/1 Need an intimidating defender to replace Beukeboom and Samuelsson. Ottawa: 14/1 Zamuner helps but Yashin must go. Philadelphia: 8/1 Defense slow; Flyers are lucky they don’t play in swifter Western Conference. Phoenix: 25/1 How many playoff rounds has Tkachuk won? Zero. That won’t change this year. Pittsburgh: 18/1 No Kasparaitis means Constantine is out by Christmas. St.Louis: 25/1 Quenneville is best coach in League; can Turek do the job? San Jose: 50/1 Damphousse for full season will help; power play must improve. Tampa Bay: 200/1 Puppa is back…but for how long? Toronto: 18/1 Money trickling in on Leafs futures. Why? Vancouver: 100/1 Kariya has a little brother? Crawford is going to wish he was back in studio. Washington: 70/1 Caps hope Bondra’s name stays off their inevitably long injury list.

New Jersey, Buffalo, Detroit, and San Jose make the final four. Buffalo beats San Jose to win the 99/00 Stanley Cup.
thedailyspread.com | October 1st, 1999

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