2022 NFL Pro Bowl Odds & Betting Trends: Best AFC Favored Over NFC on Sunday Afternoon

NFL Pro Bowl Odds & Betting Trends

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Kyler Murray is the quarterback for the Cardinals.

The Pro Bowl starts at 3 pm. Despite the fact that the All-Star exhibition is meaningless, fans of the National Football League will tune in. More people than you think will bet on it.

With the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl 56 remaining on the NFL schedule, fans and bettors will savor every last moment.

Knowing that people will bet on the Pro Bowl, we will take a look at the latest odds and betting trends.

The odds of a Pro Bowl in 2022:

As of Sunday morning, the consensus spread was -1.5 for the AFC, which opened as a 1-point favorite.

Half of the tickets for the Pro Bowl have landed on the other side of the country.

The Pro Bowl moved up from its opener of 61.5 to 62.5 across the market.

There are betting trends for the Pro Bowl.

It is difficult to feel confident about any trends that are already small because of the Pro Bowl rules and formats.

The Pro Bowl betting trends have played out since 2005 thanks to our Action Labs software.

The Pro Bowl game was not played in 2021:

In the last few years, the 12-4 against-the-spread record has been dominated by the underdogs. This is a short sample of data for an exhibition event, so it makes sense that taking the points in a game that is essentially a coin-flip would be valuable long term.

The Pro Bowl totals have been much more split with unders having a 9-7 record since 2005, though overs have cashed in five of the past six games.

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