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Sports Book Scene takes a look at the expanding offshore betting options, a Lefty Rosenthal Interview and more.

That odoriferous scent emanating out of the Caribbean, and wafting north on zephyr-like trade winds, is just the off shore sports book community burning midnight kerosene as they devise more clever options for football bettors.

The proliferation of shops and concomitant increase in the number of players is giving rise to an explosion in proposition bets and expanding betting menus.

As long as the vig stays reasonable, these innovations are advantageous for the casual and recreational players whose interest they are intended to pique.

Costa Rica-based Coastal Sports has deliberately posted a generous number on the Washington Redskins to win the Super Bowl, 5-1.  Head man Frank Hill believes that is a more realistic number than the other odds he’s seen on the ‘Skins.  “We’re aiming at regular players, and we’re giving them a $500 limit,” he said.

“If the wiseguys want to come in and steal $2,500, that’s fine, but we’re accommodating the larger audience out there,” added Hill.

Coastal is also giving players vig-friendly futures on NFL division champions.  We’ve always felt this is a more interesting play, since we’re only bucking three or four other teams.

Here are Coastal’s current lines to win NFL divisions:

  NFC East: Washington –380, Field +340

NFC Central: Tampa Bay –160, Field +140

NFC West: St. Louis –250, Field +220

AFC East: Indianapolis –140, Field +120

AFC Central: Jacksonville –140, Field +120

AFC West: Field –180, Denver +160


Yep, that’s right, the field is favored to win the AFC West.

For more information, go to or call 1-800-262-3510.

More Props.  Prop bettors are also being catered to by WIT Sports, which has manufactured a multitude of exotic betting propositions.

Bettors can back their opinion on who will win the Heisman Trophy, the most prestigious and media-covered college football award.  Bettors can also bet which players will top the charts in various NFL categories.

In the category of receiving yards, two rookies are listed.  Peter Warrick of the Bengals is 22-1, and Pittsburgh’s Plaxico Burress is 30-1.

The only other rookie listed in any category is Ron Dayne.  The Giants’ freshman running back is 50-1 to lead the NFL in rushing.

In Super Bowl futures, defending champ St. Louis is 9-2 and the AFC favorite is Jacksonville at 8-1.

In a related category, Washington Redskins RB Stephen Davis has the shortest odds of players accorded a chance of scoring the first Super Bowl TD at 11-11.

WIT is licensed by the government of Costa Rica.  For more information, go to its website,

Insured Book.  Grand Central Sports ( and said the Margarita-based sports book is the first to sign up with the watchdog web site as an insured off shore operation.

Any bettor with a Grand Central account can go to and register in its forum.  The GC Sports account will be guaranteed not only by the book but by an independent third party.

Higher Limits.  Internet maximums are being raised at The Big Book (  Some of the new limits include:  NFL sides, $2,500.  NFL money line, $2,000.  College sides, $1,500 NBA and college baskets $1,000.  Other major sports will have higher limits as well.

Tiger Rules.  Recently a reader wondered what the posted odds would be on a matchup between Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

One of the industry’s premier oddsmakers, Scott Kaminsky, stepped up and made a line.  He posted Tiger at –180 over Jack, and if Tiger wins the PGA, Scott said, the price would go up to –200.

Kaminsky established his reputation setting lines for Roxy Roxgorough’s Las Vegas Sports Consultants.  He left for a while to help Gary Bowman’s operation, then known as Bowman International, before deciding to return to LVSC.

Currently Scott is looking at several ventures outside the U.S.  Wherever he lands, that book’s customers can count on no soft touches.

NFL Opening Week’s Lines.  British bookmaker claims to have beaten its rivals to be the first off shore book to post odds for the “first round of games” for the upcoming NFL season.  Hmmm.  Any comments from bettors or books about that statement?

Anyway, some interesting lines are up.  Atlanta is –7.5 over the visiting 59ers, the Colts are –3.5 at Kansas City, and the Jets are +3.5 at Green Bay.

For the full slate of lines, check out

Lefty Rosenthal Interview.  A revealing and indepth interview with sports betting legend Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal is up.

We’re not quite sure if this is brand new, or if we’ve seen it before.  But in any case it is fascinating reading about one of the true originals in this industry.

We’ve been involved in a few projects with Frank, and he is a most impressive individual who is still tuned in to all the connections a sharp handicapper needs to stay at the top of his game.

In addition to being a bettor, Frank is a consultant for several leading off shore books. | August 11th, 2000

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