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 October 8th
	Heath Boutwell, Editor,
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  The latest from so-called syndicated "columnist" Buzz Daly
  includes Buzz criticizing sports writers cum handicappers
  at the LA TIMES.  Here's what Buzz had to say:

      	"Without intending to ridicule or pick on any one,
      	 we just can’t resist zapping some woefully inept
      	 projections last weekend made  by a couple of sports
      	 writers at the notoriously anti-gambling Los Angeles

  I once asked Buzz to be on my site, and he told me (I'm not
  lying here - this IS a paraphrase - but the gist
  of it was this): "Vegas Insider won't let me, and they
  recommended that I copyright my material".

  After thinking about it, I'm convinced its the dumbest
  thing anyone, at anytime in my life has ever said to me.
  I actually felt sorry for Buzz.  I didn't bore Buzz
  with the ABC's of copyright laws, or with the relatively
  well known fact that slavery was outlawed some time ago.
  Instead, I just praised God no one OWNS me.

  Alas, this makes Buzz a sell-out, but not a hypocrite.
  Unless, of course one realizes that on Saturday Sept. 18th
  1999, fellow "insider" Trace Fields released a pick pack
  that went 0-4 ATS and lost by a combined point differential
  of more than 100 points!!

  I defy anyone to do this on purpose.

  Throw this in with Vegas Insider's season after season of
  losing sports betting information, and Buzz starts to look
  like world-class in his level of hypocrisy.

  I find so much fault with Daly's thrice a week sports
  betting diatribes that I am actually embarrassed that I
  ever asked him to be on my site.  There is so much fault
  in his weekly writing that I could actually dedicate my
  life to picking it a part and making fun of it.

  Past issues have him urging readers to go to an offshore
  bookmakers site to get free picks, and hyping "tout-o-
  matics" Dave Cokin and Jimmy Vaccaro like some kind of
  chintzy used car salesman trying to convince you just how
  great of a year it was for 1984 Ford Tempos.

  This is almost as bad as the world's biggest monopoly,
  the US Government, suing the world's second biggest
  monopoly, Microsoft.  I read the other day that the trial
  and legal proceedings have cost the U.S. Taxpayers 13
  million dollars.

  Of course when it comes to hypocrisy and walking
  contradictions, the US government is in a league all its


  Last week's newsletter elicited a flurry of reader
  comments.  I love to hear from everyone, so if you like
  something we do, or hate it - let us know.  Without you're
  direction, input and support, I don't have a clue as to
  what I might be able to do in order to bring value to
  the sports wagering community.  Don't be shy.  Tell us
  what you think.

  My favorite letter this week was just three words long:

  	 "Go to HELL!!!!!!!"

  Charming, huh?  The rest were positive:

 	 "Thanks for The Daily Spread and the newsletter.  I
 	  find it amazing how much I pick up from your site
 	  and even more some of the great links you provide."

  	 "Thanks for the help and keep up the great work."

  	 "thank you 4 being here 4 us gamblers"

  I don't make 200k or 100k or even 50k a year from
  crawling in bed with every offshore book that pounds
  on my door.  Therefore feedback, whether good or bad, is
  the only way a sense of fulfillment comes my way.

  Sure, you couldn't care less, but here's my take on
  why the free flow of information, and our power of
  discernment - the ability to CHOOSE is so important:

  From the lowest of city councilmen to the highest elected
  official in America, one's hard pressed to find a
  politician that doesn't claim Christianity as their chosen
  belief system...

  Without FREE WILL, the entire concept of Christianity,
  and the God that 80% of American's supposedly believe
  in, falls apart.  It bothers me when our free will is
  manipulated by the twisting, distorting or suppression
  of information.

  It frustrates me to see our free will legislated by
  government under the guise of protecting us from
  some imaginary monster under the bed.  It bothers me
  when John Kyl talks about little Johnny gambling on
  his mom's credit card and how horrible that is when
  the truth that Kyl is protecting the self-serving
  legal gambling interests in the state of Arizona that
  are lining his pockets with proceeds from Gambling money.

  It bothers me when James Dobson, supposedly a religious
  leader, sits on some mighty National Gambling
  Impact Study Commission and proclaims the danger
  of legalized gambling.  The largest anti-gambling
  lobby in the U.S. is  backed by Nevada gambling
  interests and most of Dobson's panel members were from this
  same contingent.  This is game fixing at its best, and
  I'm worried we, the gambling public, won't be able to get
  the much needed back-door cover.

  It bothers me when a man of God sells out, and it bothers
  me when anyone starts telling me or you how to live.
  I defy any politician or religious organization to show
  me an example of how legislating our God-given free will
  DOES NOT lead to hypocrisy and incongruence in its worse

  People think Jesus turned over the tables in the temple
  because people were gambling.  WRONG.  Jesus didn't
  go around passing laws and trying to control our
  power to choose.  The example he set was not that of
  condemnation or accusation - it was one of helping others
  by extreme acts of giving.  Its impossible for religion
  or mind-numbing, control-freak politicians to reconcile
  their actions with the example of love they supposedly
  follow that was made at the cross 2000 years ago.

  It also bothers me when the poorest county in Georgia blows
  4.5 million a year on the lottery.  These people
  literally can't even put clothes on their back, and
  yet they buy into the pie in the sky pipe dreams that
  offer no hope.

  It bothers me when as a private citizen, I can't compete
  with the state government and start my own lottery
  company.  If I am bonded, insured, buy a business license,
  get a fingerprint, take an oath, promise my first born
  and pay the same amount to education and taxes, then
  I should be able to compete in the free market system
  and offer a competing lottery.

  Marxism or Socialism as it is very loosely definied in my
  encyclopedia was based on the concept of stripping the
  individual of their rights and freedoms for the
  advancement of the "common good".  Capitalism, in contrast,
  is based on the concept of empowering the individual
  and meeting specific needs of the community on a
  free market basis.  One strips the individual of freedom,
  the other empowers and adds value through the addition
  of unregulated freedom.

  Why is it, when looking at the state of the government
  today, its impossible to prove that they aren't Socialists?
  I'm not in the milita, and I still believe this is the
  greatest country in the world, but its all starting to
  get away slowly but surely...

  Therefore, The Daily Spread is always dedicated to the
  concept of free flowing information.  Help us to do that
  by emailing us contributions, questions and thoughts. Good
  or bad, agree or disagree, we'll give you a forum to express
  your thoughts.


  We are incredibly blessed at The Daily Spread to be able
  to bring you the sharpest opinions in the world.  Our 3
  year NBA record is untouchable, and of course Bobby Bryde
  continues to perpetrate his 57% NCAA season on us.

  We are also very lucky to have The Daredevil on our staff.
  Sound like a corny name?  I implore you to check out his
  NCAA football write-ups on our site.  They were 4-1 last
  week, but more importantly - he provides the most unique,
  interesting, informative and well researched football
  analysis I've ever seen.  Win or lose, its great stuff:

  From the Grid Report (the same folks at The Diamond
  Report who responsible for that amazing MLB season)
  bring us their best bet of the week along with extensive
  analysis.  This week they focus on the Monday Night


  Alas, we are touching up the new TDS on a daily basis.
  If anyone knows any web site wizards looking for work,
  please send them my way.

  Here's what we've added:

  Extensive odds, injuries and scores.  Check it out:

  We will be adding more casinos and offshore books later,
  but play close attention to the lines at the MGM in
  Las Vegas.  Rich C., the sports book manager there, moved
  over from Caesar's Palace when Caesar's was bought out.
  They tell me Rich is the last of a dying breed when it
  comes to authentic Vegas bookmakers.  Most of us can't
  play at the MGM, of course, but its interesting to check
  those lines against what others are offering.

  I extensively review Kevin O'Neill's book in our latest
  feature at The Daily Spread.

  Today, when information is being hurled at us at such
  unbelievable velocities, its difficult to discern what's
  worth reading, and what's not.

  If you'd like to know more about the book before you
  make a purchasing decision, then please read what I have
  to say.

  ITS NOT A FLUFF PIECE BY ANY STRETCH, and it will be posted
  on Saturday morning:

  RAMBLINGS (irregardless is NOT a word)

  I'd rather have a job herding sheep that try and beat the
  NFL for a living.  3 games last week last week fall right
  on the number.  Seems like teaser players should be loving

  The St. Louis Rams have become a public darling.  Expect
  to pay for that at the counter.  Also, this would be the
  week to check out the excerpt from Kevin O'Neill's book -
  Heinous teams of the NFL.  The article expounds the virtues
  of betting teams that are 0-4 on the season  You can find
  a link to the article here:

  Some have asked, and we've received confirmation
  from "those in the know":  The WWTS line on the LineTrak
  screen is the "wiseguy" or sharp line.  The WWTS line
  at the Feist Offshore Connection is the line the majority
  of the WWTS customers see.  Its the "public" line, and
  a pretty good indication of what the "man on the street"
  is playing.  With so many of the games falling close to the
  number, having an out that jacks up the favorits is a must -
  so I must give my obligatory plug to Mayan Sports, who deals
  a fantastic array of numbers that seem to be based on which
  way their money is coming in, not what everyone else is doing:

  Ever wondered what "blither" means?  Do you hate it when
  someone uses the non-word "irregardless" because they think
  it somehow adds emphasis to whatever it is they are trying
  to articulate? Feed your mind with the Ultimate
  directory of online dictionaries:

  Don't get scammed by free PC Deals:,3666,2322470,

  Internet FRAUD:  This site maintains a "Black List"
  of internet scam sites, and sites that don't deliver what
  they promise, or overcharge for their services. Anyone
  can submit a scam or ripoff.

  It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to realize
  that I turned in my favorite web site down the street.
  Maybe I'm too self-righteous and Vegas Insider isn't
  THE bad guy.  Like the character "Pink" in
  every pot head's favorite album (The Wall), perhaps
  I've now become what I despised the most.

  Tell them you subscribed to some "free pick" newsletter
  and in return I bored you with my rhetoric and inane
  collection of links and self indulgent mini-rants:

  This is simply amazing:

  Free 1-800 voice mail and fax.  I use it for my "office"
  number at The Daily Spread.  Makes me look bigger than I
  really am and its really free - no strings attached and it
  will even read your email to you.


Sports books and sports memorabilia
Saturday morning around 11:30 AM you can listen to Kevin O'Neill analyze the college slate. Click "Listen" in the upper left hand corner: Brian Mac's comp line: 513 784 2741 An unbelievable collection of links to campus newspapers. This is information overload at its finest: USA Today has an impressive and exhaustive list of links to Div. 1 teams: There are a ton of extremely sharp people doing some impressive work with NCAA college power ratings. While beating the NFL is a lot like trying to nail jello to a tree, there might actually be some hope for those of us clinging to the idea that we can develop a sharp opinion in other sports. Check out these power ratings: Some of the finest NFL statistical work is being done by a non-tout related web site. NFL stats broken down in a whole new way: ------------------------------------------------------------ SPONSORSHIP NOTICE ------------------------------------------------------------ I try very hard to maintain post up accounts with everyone that helps pay for The Daily Spread. Sometimes I lose and never post back up. Sometimes I post but don't play much. I don't have an account with World Sports Exchange, but I should. They were pioneers in the field - offering a commodities like betting market on sporting events. They were featured in Sports Illustrated, and currently Jay Cohen, one of their owners is scheduled to go on trial in New York. Out of 15 indictments handed down to offshore bookmakers for violations of what's commonly known today as the "wire-act", Cohen was the only one to return to the U.S. voluntarily and stand charge. If ever a bookmaker was campaigning for sainthood, its Jay Cohen of the World Sports Exchange. I literally feel like its my civic duty to sign up with them just out of principal. Please give them a try if you haven't already: ------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright Information ------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 1999 The Daily Spread ------------------------------------------------------------ List Maintenance: To unsubscribe [ ] If you like us, please tell a friend. If you hate us, please tell an enemy. Thanks for allowing us to interrupt your day. Heath Boutwell Translate this newsletter into almost any language from: or | October 20th, 1999

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