Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl Odds, Top Promos Before Kickoff

Those looking for the latest Super Bowl odds can find them here. Bettors can place bets on the point spread, game total, moneyline, game props, and player props before the game starts. It will give players in legal sports betting states the chance to play enhanced markets and odds boost, all while taking advantage of awesome Super Bowl promo.

The odds of the Super Bowl are huge. The Rams are a four-point favorite and -190 on the moneyline, while the game total is 48.6 points. Super Bowl odds markets and free bets can be grabbed by players with a $1,500 first deposit match.

The day before the Super Bowl is the busiest day of the year at the sportsbook. Bettors want to know which apps have the best odds and bonuses. We will dive into all of the best markets and odds for the Rams-Bengals game.

You can use the promo code SOUTHCZR to wager on the Super Bowl.

The odds of the Super Bowl.

Before we dive into some of the available bonuses and enhanced player and game prop markets, we need to look at the current odds.

The Rams have been favored since the first set of times. They have been bouncing between -4 and 4.5 for a week. They will settle in that range at the beginning of the game. Los Angeles has a moneyline of -190 to – 205. The range for Cincinnati is between +160 and +170.

The total has ranged from 48.5 to 49 points.

The odds of the Super Bowl are far beyond standard markets. The adjusted lines allow players to bet heavily. The point spread can be moved down to bet the over or up to bet the under, essentially selecting any number within 12 points either way. Depending on how much of an advantage or disadvantage the new number becomes, players can increase or decrease payouts.

Here is a look at the odds.

The teams are made up of people.

Spread it.



The Rams.

-4 (-110)


O 48.25 (-110).

The Bengals are a team.

+4 (-110)


U 48.25 (-110).

The Super Bowl odds are from Caesars Sportsbook.

There are a lot of player props in the Super Bowl odds. Bettors can bet on outcomes.

There are squares for the Super Bowl.
Most Valuable Player.
Player statistics include passing, rushing, receiving, sacks, touchdown, etc.
There are game props.

Not only will players be able to wager on individual Rams-Bengals props, but they will also be able to roll multiple Super Bowl odds bets into a single game parlay. Bettors can place a single wager with multiple legs, one that carries potentially significant payouts. boosted versions of these markets will be offered by Caesars Sportsbook.

There are bonuses and promotions.

There is a full 100% deposit match that maxes out at $1,500. Bettors can deposit as little as $50. Players can receive additional free bets once they are in the app. Those who place at least 10 different play prop bets and win at least seven will get a free bet. If you place a $10 same game bet at 1000 odds or more, you will get a $56 free bet. A $560 free bet will be given to those who place one at $100+.

You can use the promo code SOUTHCZR to wager on the Super Bowl.

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