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Sports book scene returns with a look at a new TV show about offshore casinos and more

It might not have the mass appeal of a Regis Philbin quiz show, but the TV program we are filming of the off shore gaming industry is starting to take shape.

Participating books have been enthusiastic and have gotten into the spirit of what we’re trying to do. Despite some out-takes that resembled an infomercial, and a director who is preoccupied with pretty pictures, Inside Sports Gaming 2000 will be the first indepth look at the off shore industry presented on nationwide television.

Do we have an agenda? Absolutely. To show bettors that off shore books are viable, legitimate and substantial companies run by serious professionals.

We represent those whose lifestyle includes wagering on sports, and who insist that half-baked, clueless politicos refrain from acting like Big Brother.

We’re taking viewers inside the leading books – both old established and fresh new faces – and letting them see with whom they are doing business.

The first shops visited were in Costa Rica. We took our cameras to NASA Sports International ( and Dunes Sports (

NASA CEO Greg Champion provided us with a forthright and comprehensive interview, which will be the basis of a narrative for its segment. Additionally, we spoke with executives and staff who described their duties and why they enjoy being part of this growing industry.

Our crew filmed NASA’s impressive facility, which is arguably the world’s largest sports book, based on total size at one location.

It was done on Derby Day, and we were permitted to sit on the stage of NASA’s “War Room”, the book’s electronic nerve center. Talking with supervisors and ticket writers, it was clear that these workers enjoyed their jobs and are grateful for the opportunity to earn above average wages, and look forward to a promising future.

Dunes Sports is the fresh new Costa Rican entry into the off shore gaming industry, which we also visited.

Dunes occupies a freestanding building in nearby Escazu. Despite its newness, it is owned and operated by individuals with strong bookmaking credentials.

As is the case at all the books, U.S. citizens who are principals or employees are either not being filmed or are doing so without full frontal exposure.

Next stop Curacao. Becomes British.
 In a sad commentary on the negative influence of the U.S. Government on the off shore industry, one of the crown jewels of the business was acquired by a prestigious British bookmaking organization.

Costa Rica-based was acquired for a combination of cash and stock by, the Alderney-based bookmaker that has enjoyed noteworthy success since entering the U.S. market last year.

Our comments are not in any way intended to be critical of the distinguished British firm, run by Mark Blandford. All our fire is directed at the politicians and U.S. agencies that create uncertainty for American entrepreneurs.

This sale is a sad portent of things to come if there isn’t a reassessment of a flawed policy towards off shore gaming in Washington.

Contributing to this uncertainty is the final adjudication of the Jay Cohen trial, in which he was found guilty of illegal bookmaking.’s operations will be mainly in Costa Rica, to further enhance the acuiqiring company’s position in the U.S. sports gaming market. The merged company is, of course, licensed by Her Majesty’s Government.

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