Best Prop Bets to Make for Super Bowl LVI

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This year’s Super Bowl is going to be very competitive. The Los Angeles Rams will face off against the hungry Cincinnati Bengals in the City of the Stars. Cincinnati has attracted a lot of cash, but the Rams are still in control of the betting markets. Los Angeles is better in almost all phases of the game, but there is something about the Cincinnati team. I wish you the best when it comes to picking the winner.
The value for this game could be in the prop markets. Player props allow us to take out a lot of outside circumstances. The player’s defense does not matter if we bet on a quarterback. This isn’t the case when you bet on a spread or money line. The best props to use for the Super Bowl.

Matthew Stafford will win the award.

This prop is an easy decision if you like the Rams to win. Matthew Stafford has been through a lot in Detroit, and he has led the Rams to the Super Bowl in his first season. The award of the most Valuable Player should not be called that. It should be called the Most Valuable Quarterback. If the team gets the job done, Stafford will be the reason the Rams win. Cooper Kupp should have a big game, but voters prefer quarterbacks.
If you think the Bengals will win, you can switch out Joe Burrow. A quarterback will win the award. Which quarterback will get the job done?

The passing yards for Joe Burrow were 276.5.

Both quarterbacks will do well in the Super Bowl. Both teams are in the Super Bowl because of their signal-callers.

Joe is playing with nothing to lose. I think he will be held back early in the game. Taylor tried to establish the run game in the Championship, which made it difficult for Burrow to convert third downs. If Taylor throws on first down, the way Burrow gets over this total is different. I don’t think this will happen until later in the game.
Cincinnati is efficient in the run game. I think the Cincinnati team tries to show that they are a violent team and control the trenches. Staying under his total will equate to Burrow staying under his yardage total.

Joe Mixon has Rushing Yards.

Joe Mixon is a Pro Bowl back. He can run away from defenders.

The Los Angeles Rams have a strong rushing defense. Donald will have a field day, he is a force in the middle. Donald is the best football player in the world. He is a defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Reds this season. It will be difficult for Mixon to go over his total.
If you can find a carries total for Mixon, I would take the over. Taylor will run until the rock breaks. I don’t think this will happen on Sunday.

Beckham had 5 Receptions.

A lot of players have something to prove. One of the athletes with something to prove is Beckham Jr.
Since Beckham Jr. moved to Los Angeles, he has been very efficient. He has hit this total in the past two games with ease. Beckham had nine catches for 113 yards in the game. Cooper Kupp should open up Beckham Jr. for catches and yards.

Cooper Kupp had 104.5 receiving yards.

Cooper Kupp has a high receiving total, but he is the best at his position. The defensive coordinators try to stop Kupp, but they can’t. He is difficult to defend, and the Bengal’s are not great in the secondary.
In the past two games, Kupp has gone over 140 yards. He knows how to get open.

If he is doubled in coverage, it doesn’t matter. This is a good bet.

Chase had a receiving yard of 78.6.

Ja’Marr Chase is great, but he is still learning. I think the Rams will do the same thing the Chiefs did, shutting him down. I think he will be with me all day. He will have some yards, but other players have to step up.

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