Being on Sucker Lists finally pays off.

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A few years ago, we deliberately got our names on various mailing lists by responding to a number of freebie offers.

Since then, we’ve received a plethora of solicitations for tout services and numerous off shore books. We don’t mind getting such stuff in the mail. It helps us keep abreast of the latest marketing schemes and ploys.

Finally, however, we received something of value, a slick new rotation booklet bearing the name Frank Rosenthal’s 4 Seasons Sports.

The basketball-hockey schedule, which runs from February 22-March 13, has a wraparound of coated stock with 4/color ads for Jackie Gaughan’s Plaza in Las Vegas (inside back cover) and Costa Rica International Sports (CRIS) on the back cover.

The first two pages have biographical material which include a synopsis of Rosenthal’s illustrious career, and references to the movie “Casino”, in which he was portrayed by Robert DeNiro.

Ads for Rosenthal’s 900 numbers are dotted throughout the schedule, along with some for CRIS, as well as several interesting anecdotes and sports betting tips.

He talks about how, “Today’s super modern technology provides bookmakers with personal wagering profiles that can be used to their advantage.”

Unlike schedule publishers who feel every square inch of space must be used to sell something, Rosenthal’s rotation has many areas set aside for note-taking by handicappers.

The booklet is available in Las Vegas at Jackie Gaughan’s Las Vegas Club, El Cortez, Gold Spike and Plaza, all located in downtown Vegas.

If you’re not in Vegas and you want to get one, try calling 1-800-596-8946, and request the Frank Rosenthal rotation schedule.

Eros & Sports Wagering. We’re talking Number One and Number Two on your Internet Hit Parade of profitable sites. Reportedly, Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione is entering the off shore gaming industry.

In a joint venture with Ed Fishman, ex-Players International, Inc., honcho, the two will market an Australian-based and licensed online site at

An Aussie firm is programming the site with encryption devices that will make it impossible for U.S. residents to enter the site and place bets. Americans will be able to compete for fun and prizes.

Of course, weary players will also be able to access the Penthouse website and view scantily clad Pets in the photo library or, better yet, chat with them.

Bettors in search of advice on issues ranging from wagering to sex will also find that available at the website.

Nothing like a little T&A; to lessen the pain from a bad beat.

Sports Betting in Perspective. Recently released figures on sports betting results in Nevada last year would seem to lend credence to those who claim Vegas is chasing sharps while enticing squares.

According to published figures, the state’s casinos last year increased their handle by $200 million to $2.5 billion. The win from football was $50 million, 72 percent better than 1999.

But the sports books’ win on their most popular activity, football, pales in comparison with the industry’s total win of $9 billion.

It’s easy to see why Steve Wynn and the boys who run Vegas don’t lose much sleep over the fortunes of their sports books. But of course, judgments related strictly to the bottom line is the domain of bean counters. | February 16th, 2000

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