Antiguan Land Based Book to Expand

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes something new that knocks your socks off.

With all the preview annuals crowding newsstand shelves, there are only a few that actually get the job done for readers, who are separated into three distinct categories:  fans, bettors, and fantasy players.

We just received advance issues of two new magazines that target bettors, and easily distinguish themselves as the pick of the litter.  Most pubs that try to appeal to punters are produced by touts and are larded with ubiquitous self-promotion.

The two new pubs, which are underwritten by a group of off shore sports books, are clearly a breed apart.  Entitled Inside Players Pro Football Guide 2000 and Inside Players College Football Guide 2000, these magazines combine high quality content with production values found in the crème de la crème fan publications like Athlon Sports and Lindy’s.

The pro football guide contains preview material prepared by Marc Lawrence and has a plethora of bettor-oriented stats, trends and angles presented in a clean, well-organized format.

The brief writeups for each NFL team are snappy and more interesting than is standard for this genre.  Here’s an example, from the start of the New Orleans Saints summary:  “So much for the cojones, as Iron Mike Ditka’s rusted out after three years in the Bayou.”

The college guide uses preview material originated by Phil Steele, whose college football annual gets high marks from bettors for its rich, dense mixture of stats and analysis.  Each college team is previewed on a page crammed with information designed specifically for punters.

Both publications include innovative, well-crafted features that address the interests and needs of sports bettors.

Right about here, a little disclosure is in order.  An article we wrote that promotes the TV show on the off shore industry we are producing appears in both magazines.  However, we consider the material relevant for the audience and its use simply a reflection of the editors’ good judgment.

For more information and to get a free copy of the pubs, call 1-800-347-4985.

Land-based Off Shore Book to Expand.  Antigua is well known for both the quantity and quality of its off shore sports books.  From the biggest and classiest to solid, well-managed operations, the island has earned a reputation for housing top-rated shops.

But where do all these bookmakers go when they want to take a break from dueling with their players?  One of the most popular spots on the island is the Riviera Casino.

If it’s a quiet day in baseball, check out the casino around lunchtime and you’ll see some well-known BMs washing down fresh seafood with a local brew, and perhaps playing Caribbean Stud.  Yep, believe it or not, these so-called sharpies kill time playing a sucker game.

But within the confines of the casino is a neat little walkup sports book that offers competitive vig and reasonable limits.  The casino manager, Oscar Smith, was in Vegas recently, and we caught up with him at Caesars Palace sports book.

He told us the Riviera Casino book has been licensed by Antigua to take phone bets, and an 800 number will soon be up and running.  An Internet book is also in the works, and he hopes to be fully operational by the football season.

With phone, Internet and walkup sports betting facilities, Oscar intends to serve a much broader audience than he does now.  Recently, he expanded the casino’s sports book to include new monitors and an area from which to view games.

Should you be in Antigua, drop by the Riviera and look up a dapper gentleman with an Aussie accent and a full head of white hair.  Mention Sports Book Scene and chances are Oscar will buy you a drink. | July 12th, 2000

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