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Returning 03-05-01

***  Anniversary Report February 1, 2001  ***

Yes, it's been one year since I agreed to do this
column for The Daily Spread and what a year it's
been. I dug a huge hole for myself during the 2000
basketball season by attempting to pick way too
many games, especially at tournament time. That's
behind us now and the free picks presented here
have shown a profit since. We end our first year
together -7.77 net units and that includes the
-16.02 on 2000 basketball. Individual sport recaps
will now be condensed to conserve space and only
open, active seasons will be presented in bold.
Hope you have enjoyed this column and are $$$$$$$
better off because of it. Your opinion, via the
e-mail link below, would be appreciated.
Sincerely, Chris Riddle.

Open seasons
NCAA Hoops YTD 11-21 -10.39
NBA Hoops YTD 17-11-1 +8.16

You folks that want to see my NBA picks posted
here need to e-mail Heath and tell him about it
use the link below to get on my e-mail list
and receive picks directly.
Best regards and lots of luck,
P.S. Aside from this posting my NBA season now stands
28 Wins 16 Losses and + 16.26 net units won

thedailyspread.com | March 5th, 2001

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Chris started wagering and handicapping sports in the early 70’s in Omaha and developed a reputation as one who can keep head above water. After experimenting with several services he finally said to himself “Hell, these guys aren’t any better than you”. Chris relocated to Vegas in 1988 thanks to a job transfer, and began hanging around the Stardust, home of the opening line. He quickly ended this procedure however, after discovering the “good ol’ boy” crowd tends to pollute the mind. Chris says “As we all know, it gets tough to separate the wheat from the chaff when you’re deluged with it.”.

His daily NBA, NCAA basketball picks and write-ups appear here on a daily basis.

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